LEGAL POLICY(2023/09/14 updated)

  • Class Enrollment and Payment
      1. Enrollment in the class is based on the order of payment. To secure your spot, submit payment (cash, WeChat, AlphaPay, etc) to VDA promptly. Please be aware that we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
      2. ACE / VDA reserves the right to cancel a class if the minimum number of students is not met. In this event, 100% of tuition will be refunded to clients.
      3. ACE / VDA reserves the right to adjust class schedules, instructors, or venues as necessary. In such cases, clients will be notified in advance, and reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate their needs and preferences.
      4. Enrolled students are expressly prohibited from sharing the provided Zoom meeting link with any unauthorized individuals.
  • Promotion
      1. ACE/VDA’s Early Bird discount policy stipulates a fixed 10% reduction in tuition fees during the designated Early Bird period.
      2. Early Bird discounts cannot be stacked with any other discounts. The total discount applied may not exceed 10%.
      3. To secure your spot in the class after obtaining the Early Bird discount, payment must be completed within three days of registration.
      4. Sibling Discount is only  available to families with two or more children concurrently enrolled in our programs.
  • Refund
      1. In accordance with our refund percentage policy, the following terms and conditions apply to refunds for our services.
        1. To be eligible for a FULL refund, clients are required to inform ACE / VDA a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the registered term.
        2. Clients requesting a refund less than 2 weeks before the start date of a registered term will receive a refund amounting to 90% of the tuition fee
        3. In situations where clients choose to terminate their enrollment after the term for which they have registered has commenced (PLEASE NOTE: this refers to the term of enrollment, NOT the first day of their registered class), ACE / VDA will process a refund equivalent to 50% of the remaining tuition fees.
      2. Clients who have enrolled in and made payment for 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 private sessions are hereby advised that, in the event of a refund request for these private sessions, a deduction of 10% from the tuition fee shall be applied. This 10% deduction is designated to cover legitimate administrative costs and as remuneration to coaches who have dedicated their reserved time slots to accommodate the client’s scheduling needs.
      3. All refunds may be disbursed in the form of Amilia credit or restored to the initial payment method.
      4. In compliance with our policies, the following provisions regarding refund processing fees and transaction charges apply:
        1. All refund transactions are subject to a mandatory Amilia processing fee of 1%.
        2. Clients who opt for payment methods other than cash, check, or e-transfer are additionally subject to Netbanx transaction fees, which are as follows:
          1. Wechat/Alipay: 1.5%
          2. Credit card: 2.75%
          3. UnionPay/office terminal: 3.25%
        3. Clients will receive their refund amount after the deduction of these stipulated fees.
  • Trial Class and Placement 
      1. ACE/VDA welcomes NEW students to complete a $40 trial class. This trial class aids in evaluating the student’s proficiency level. Upon completion of the trial, our coaches and staff will recommend suitable classes based on the student’s abilities.
      2. The $40 trial fee will be credited towards the tuition upon registration. Please note that no refunds for the trial fee will be provided under any circumstances.
      3. Students who have prior debate experience shall undergo an obligatory online assessment test as a prerequisite for enrollment. This assessment entails a fee of $40, which is subject to deduction at the point of registration.
      4. Students who have completed the assessment and received clear level recommendations are no longer eligible for the $40 trial class.
      5. For students enrolling in English classes, a mandatory free placement test is required before attending the trial class.
      6. All trial class arrangements must be made in advance with our office staff. No drop-ins are permitted.
      7. ACE/VDA reserves the right to reassign students to other classes within two weeks of their initial class if their proficiency level is deemed unsuitable for their enrolled class.
  • Missed/Make-up Classes
      1. All missed classes MUST be made up within the term. Missed classes WILL NOT carry over into the next term. Make-up classes may be completed before or after missed classes.
      2. Within a term, students are permitted to make up a maximum of two missed classes.
      3. To classify an absence as “excused,” please ensure timely submission of the “absence form” and notify our staff at least 24 hours in advance of any planned class absences. Absence without prior notification will be categorized as “unexcused.”
      4. Make-up classes are exclusively available for “Excused Absences.” “Unexcused absences” are not eligible for make-up classes.
      5. In the event of a sudden and severe illness, a student’s absence will be considered excused, provided that a valid doctor’s note is submitted.
      6. Responsibility for locating and scheduling make-up classes for all missed sessions lies with the parent/student. Make-up classes may be arranged on alternate days, with different instructors, or at different locations.
      7. Students are permitted to attend make-up classes at their own level or lower, while ensuring they fall within the appropriate age range.
      8. In VWA classes, it is important to note that classes at the same reading/writing level may cover different material. This is attributed to the tailored curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of each class’s enrolled students.
      9. Even in the case of illness, VWA students are expected to complete the assigned homework as communicated via email. In situations where a student has been unable to keep up with homework due to illness, the teacher will collaboratively devise a plan to facilitate the student’s academic catch-up upon their return.
      10. In the event of class cancellations due to teacher unavailability or extraordinary circumstances such as inclement weather or natural disasters, VWA/VDA assumes responsibility for scheduling a single make-up class date at the conclusion of the term for each canceled class. In cases where a student is unable to attend the designated make-up class date, it becomes the student’s responsibility to coordinate and arrange for a make-up class in an alternate session.
      11. Classes missed due to participation in a debate tournament for which VDA is fielding teams will be refunded as credits to the students’ accounts for future registrations. Alternatively, arrangements for make-up classes can be made, with no limitation imposed by the standard maximum of two make-up classes per term rule. It is important to note that this policy exclusively applies to debate tournaments in which VDA fields teams, and not to other tournaments where such team participation does not occur.
  • Medical Emergencies
      1. You are required to provide up-to-date emergency contact information for the student(s) enrolled in our programs. This information should include names, phone numbers, and any relevant medical history or allergies.
      2. By agreeing to our policy, you authorize ACE/VDA to act in the best interest of the student(s) in medical emergencies, including making decisions regarding medical care and treatment.
      3. In the event of a medical emergency, ACE/VDA will make every effort to promptly inform you, the parent or guardian, of the situation and the actions taken. However, you acknowledge that in critical situations, immediate medical attention may take precedence.
      4. In the event of incurred medical expenses, you agree to reimburse ACE/VDA promptly for any such expenses related to the student’s medical care.
  • Student Safety
      1. During in-person classes, all students are mandated to stay within the ACE/VDA premises. It is expressly forbidden for students to exit the VDA premises without explicit authorization or supervision.
      2. ACE/VDA and its affiliated entities shall not be held accountable for any consequences, incidents, or liabilities stemming from a student’s decision to depart the premises without proper authorization. This includes any accidents, injuries, or incidents that may occur during the student’s absence from the designated premises.
      3. Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that students are aware of and adhere to the policies related to remaining on the premises during in-person classes.
  • Email Communications and Marketing/Use of Student Photographs 
    1. By agreeing to this policy, you grant permission to ACE/VDA to use your email address to send you newsletters and promotional materials related to ACE/VDA and affiliated companies. The newsletters may include information, updates, and content from ACE/VDA and its partners.
    2. By accepting our policy, you acknowledge and consent that your child(ren) will keep their cameras enabled and full name displayed during ACE/VDA and its subsidiaries’ online classes.
    3. In situations where specific circumstances prevent camera activation, we kindly request that you notify your instructor or the ACE/VDA office in advance, providing a valid reason for the exemption.
    4. By agreeing to our policy, students pledge to NEVER capture screenshots or images of their instructors or fellow classmates without obtaining explicit consent from the concerned parties.
    5.  Students are obliged to abstain from circulating any class-related content or images, regardless of consent, on any online or social media platforms.
    6. By agreeing to our policy, you grant ACE/VDA and its subsidiaries perpetual permission to use photographs of your child(ren) for promotional purposes related to ACE/VDA.
    7. ACE/VDA is committed to respecting the privacy and safety of all students. Photographs used for promotional purposes will be selected and utilized with sensitivity to protect the students’ privacy.