vda student photo Andy Yu

Andy Yu

Grade 8,2 Years of Debate Experience

I enjoy debate because it provides me a voice to express my views and opinions. I’m able to think freely while seeing the opposing side’s claims. This allows me to view an issue in a holistic way where I can see both sides of a topic. Through debate, I also learn a lot about different topics and issues that exist. Without debate, I wouldn’t have a deep understanding of things like Pharma Companies or Cocoa Monopolies.

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Angela Hu

Grade 11,3 Years of Debate Experience

VDA has such a great community of coaches and students. The close friends I have made through debate and the coaches that are consistently able to foster a supportive community have made my experience at VDA incredible.

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Tina Yong

Former Student

When VDA coaches give feedback, they are not only thorough but also very specific. They never put you down. They only teach you how to improve and bring out the more confident version of yourself.

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Noah Shen

Grade 8, 2 Years of Debate Experience

Debate has made me better at public speaking. It makes me more persuasive when I present a speech or an argument.