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This course is designed to give students a very solid and strong start to debate. Without going through the Foundation course, students easily get lost, which hinders their improvement and affects their interest in debate. We believe that no one can succeed at a high level without learning the basic, fundamental skills. This is why we ask all our students to complete a term of Foundations before moving into the Intermediate class.

This course covers the basics of debate, beginning with structure and introducing beginner-level debate concepts. The first lesson will be on argument and speech structure, with the following lessons on effective rebuttal, Canadian National Debate Format rules, note-taking, presentation style, how to make an impactful point, analysing debate topics to setup the debate, and identifying the “burden” of each side. There will also be knowledge sessions on common debate topics including criminal justice and international relations.

This course has been designed as a camp to give students short-term but intensive practice. It covers a handful of intermediate skills as well as common but challenging knowledge areas. It is a good opportunity to expand a variety of knowledge and practice skills debate skills already learned, and cover new skills. It is designed to be taught with a different topic each day, and we guarantee that all students emerge from this level with improved world knowledge and awareness.

The skill lessons will cover strategic use of limited preparation time in impromptu debates, good use of examples, how to weigh issues effectively, intermediate-level burden analysis, and how to use principles in debate. The knowledge sessions include debates on military invasion, feminism, ethics, and economics.

Camp Details

 Winter Break Debate Camps:
  • Winter Camp : Dec.23, 24,27,28,30,31 and Jan.3,4 (8 days)
  • $800 for 8 days
Prices include GST. If purchase is canceled within 2 weeks before camp starts, 100% refund available, and 50% refund after camp starts if cancellation happens within 2 days of the 1st class.

Term 1 (Sept 9 – Dec 15)

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