Award Highlights
Caitlin Han

Stanford Invitational

Cynthia Fung

2nd Place Team
Stanford Invitational

Nick Liu

2nd Place Team
Stanford Invitational

Sunnie Li

Triple-Octa Finalist
Stanford Invitational

Judy Jiang

Semi Finalist
UBC Summer  HST

Sunny Hou

3rd Place Novice Team

Abbie Wang

Stanford Invitational

Alan Shen

Stanford Invitational

Charles Liu

Triple Octa-Finalist
Harvard Forensics

Elizabeth Zhou

Champion Team
Stanford Invitational

Ellen Li

Double Octa-Finalist
Stanford Invitational

Emily Ni

Stanford Invitational

Joanna Chen

Double Octa-Finalist
Stanford Invitational 2018

Stephanie Chang

Int’l Octa-Finalist
Harvard Forensics

Tina Yong

Double Octa-Finalist
Stanford Invitational 2018

Tom Chen

Triple Octa-Finalist
Harvard Forensics

Victor Tong

Double Octa-Finalist
Stanford Invitational 2018

Yuki Zhao

Champion Team
Stanford Invitational

2020 Georgetown University Fall Tournament


JV Division:
Champions: Briana Lu & Samantha Sun
Finalists: Jonathan Shen & Rina Song
Semifinalists: Grace Hu & Justin Li
Octofinalists: Vicki Hu & Jessica Young
Double Octofinalists: Joseph Mai & Andrew Zhang

Novice Open Division:
Quarterfinalists: Dylan Li & Jennifer Zhang
Octofinalists: Max Li & Jaslynn Zhao
Double Octofinalists: Kitty He & Will Wu

First Year Novice Division:
Champions: Sarah Lin & Simrit Mangat
Finalists: Flora Huang & Noah Shen
Semifinalists: Gurik Mangat & Lucas Zhu
Quarterfinalists: Jack Shi & Rosie Wu

Middle School Division:
Octofinalists: Aaliyah Cabiles & Annie Zhao
Octofinalists: Adam Han & Aiden Han
Double Octofinalists: Sophie Yang & Jason Zhou


Second Speaker: Fred Yang
Third Speaker: Grace Hu
8th Speaker: Jessica Young
15th Speaker: Justin Li
17th Speaker: Samantha Sun
28th Speaker: Briana Lu
31st Speaker: Ethan Ho

Novice Open:
11th Speaker: Max Li
16th Speaker: Jennifer Zhang
19th Speaker: Dylan Li
28th Speaker: Jaslynn Zhao
30th Speaker: Kitty He

31st Speaker: William Wang
33rd Speaker: Angelina Qin

First Year Novice:
Top Speaker (Golden Gavel): Sarah Lin
Fifth Speaker: Simrit Mangat
7th Speaker: Rosie Wu
13th Speaker: Noah Shen
17th Speaker: Ethan Fang
20th Speaker: Ashley Wong

Middle School Open:
22nd Speaker: Annie Zhao
31st Speaker: Sophie Yang

Middle School Novice:
26th Speaker: Steven Lin
27th Speaker: Nathan Yan

2020 Yale Invitational Tournament

TEAM AWARDS (total of 163 teams):

Quarterfinals: Grace Hu & Justin Li

Octofinalists: Andrew Liu & Johnson Wu

Double Octofinalists: Grace Wu & Andy Yu

Double Octofinalists: Dasnoor Kaur & Briana Lu

Triple Octofinalists: Ethan Ho & Samantha Sun


SPEAKER AWARDS (total of 326 speakers) :

9th Speaker: Briana Lu

22nd Speaker: Dasnoor Kaur

27th Speaker: Grace Wu

29th Speaker: Grace Hu

30th Speaker: Justin Li

33rd Speaker: Jessica Young

43rd Speaker: Johnson Wu

48th Speaker: Andy Yu

UBC 2020 Elementary School Tournament


Open Champions: Adam Han & Aiden Han

Open Semifinalists: Bonnie Li & Jeanette Pan

Novice Finalist: Grace Jiang


Open Third Speaker: Adam Han

Open Fifth Speaker: Bonnie Li

Open Eighth Speaker: Jeanette Pan

Open Tenth Speaker: Xiao Bo Zeng

Novice Second Speaker: Steven Shi

Novice Fourth Speaker: Grace Jiang

University of Kentucky Season Opener 2020


JV Semifinalists: Briana Lu & Samantha Sun
JV Octofinalists: Grace Hu & Justin Li
JV Double Octofinalists: Fred Yang & Dasnoor Kaur
JV Double Octofinalists: Frank Yan & Sam Yan
Middle School Octofinalists: Andy Yu & Grace Wu
Middle School Octofinalists: Aiden Han & Adam Han


Middle School 1st Speaker: Adam Han
Middle School 2nd Speaker: Aiden Han
Middle School 14th Speaker: Andy Yu
JV 14th Speaker: Frank Yan
JV 16th Speaker: Fred Yang
JV 17th Speaker: Samantha Sun

UBC Summer High School Tournament 2020


Open Grand Finalists: Vicki Hu & Jessica Young
Open Semifinalists: Sarah Lin & Fred Yang
Novice Champions: Adam Han & Aiden Han
Novice Finalists: Max Chen & Andy Yu


Open 6th Speaker: Jessica Young
Open 7th Speaker: Fred Yang
Novice 2nd Speaker: Jessica Young
Novice 4th Speaker: Vicki Hu

Georgetown University Summer Tournament 2020

Open Finalists: Kitty He & Briana Lu
Open Semifinalists: Frank Yan & Sam Yan
Open Semifinalists: Dasnoor Kaur & Fred Yang
Open Quarterfinalists: Max Chen & Will Wu
Open Quarterfinalists: Samantha Sun & Hannah You
Middle School Champions: Andy Yu & Grace Wu
Middle School Finalists: Adam Han & Aiden Han
Middle School Semifinalists: Aaliyah Cabiles & Annie Zhao

Vancouver Elementary Tournament 2020

Annie Zhao: 2nd Place Team
Andy Yu & Max Chen: 3rd Place Team

Andy Yu: 8th Speaker
Annie Zhao: 9th Speaker
Max Chen: 12th Speaker

UBC Junior HST 2020

Angela Hu & Rina Song: Semifinalists (cleared top team at the tournament)
Joseph Mai & Andrew Zhang: 7th place team
Emily Chen & Sewon Jeon: 9th place team

Angela Hu: 2nd Speaker
Rina Song: 4th Speaker
Joseph Mai: 11th Speaker
Grace Hu: 12th Speaker
Andrew Zhang: 21st Speaker

Tournament of Champions 2020

Top 30 finish: Eric Tu (highest ever finish for a Canadian team at the TOC)
International Semifinalist :
Johnson Wu & Andrew Liu
International Semifinalist :
Ryaan Lari & Rina Song
International Semis 2

SFU Esotero Business Case Competition 2020

Champions: Dylan Li, Rosie Wu, Rachel Zhou
Finalists: Jacqueline Ding, Doris Huang, George Tian
Semi-Finalists: Grace Hu, Matin Narimani, Pacey Tian
Top Speaker: Rachel Zhou
Top Middle School Speaker: Grace Wu
Honorable Mentions:
Ethan Ho, Jason Ma, Fred Yang
Grace Wu, Andy Yu, Jaslynn Zhao
SFU Finals 1

Georgetown Public Forum Invitational 2020

Middle School Champions: Jessica Young & Andy Yu
JV Quarterfinalists: Andrew Zhang & Joseph Mai
JV Quarterfinalists: Johnson Wu & Andrew Liu
JV 2nd Speaker: Andrew Zhang
JV 16th Speaker: Johnson Wu
JV 17th Speaker: Joseph Mai
JV 18th Speaker: Andrew Liu
MS Top Speaker: Jessica Young
MS 12th Speaker: Andy Yu
MS 14th Speaker: Adam Han
MS 23rd Speaker: Max Chen

Team Mexico World Schools Invitational 2020

Finalists: Sunnie Li, Emily Chen, Rina Song, Joseph Mai
Top Speaker: Joseph Mai
5th Speaker: Sunnie Li
Top Reply Speaker: Sunnie Li


Alex Chen & Angela Hu, Double Octafinals
Rina Song & Johnson Wu IPF quarterfinals
Emily Chen & Rena Su IPF semi-finalists

MS division
Sam and Frank Yan MSPF semi-finalists
Max Chen & Livia Xia MSPF quarter-finalists
Andy Yu & Jessica Young MSPF octa finalists

Frank Yan 10th place in MSPF
Livia Xia 13th place in MSPF
Sam Yan 17th place in MSPF
Max Chen 38th place in MSPF
Andy Yu 40th place in MSPF
Jessica Young 41th place in MSPF

Alex Chen 4th place in IPF


Monica Xu/Andrew Liu – semi-finalists
Angela Hu/Andrew Zhang-quarter-finalists
Grace Jia/Sunnie Li – quarter-finalists
Rina Song/Johnson Wu – octafinalists
Emily Chen/Rena Song – octafinalists
Ryaan Lari/Joseph Mai – double octa finalists
Frank Yan/Sam Yan – triple octa finalists
Johnson Wu (8th best speaker)


Frank Yan and Sam Yan : advance to provincials (LM North),
Emily Chen and Sewon Jeon: advanced to provincials
Rina Song and Monica Xu placed 3rd advancing to provincials.
Sharon and Johnson Wu placed 6th advancing to provincials
Johnson Wu :the  9th best speaker.
Sunny Hou and Sunnie Li placed 1st advancing to provincials. (LM East)

2020 PUGET

Yuki Zhao and Eliz Zhou :quarter-finalists in the Open Public Forum division
Sam and Frank Yan : octo-finalists
Yuki Zhao: the 2nd best speaker
Eliz Zhou: the 6th best speaker
Sam Yan:  the 12th best speaker (out of 84 speakers).

2019: UBC Fall

4th place Team: Joseph Mai
4th place Team: Ryaan Lari
Jessica Young was top 2nd Novice

2019: UBC Summer Tournament

  • Frank Yan: Semi-Finalist & 7th Top Speaker
  • Sam Yan: Semi-Finalist & 5th Top Speaker

2019: SFU Public Forum Tournament


Champion Team ~ Yuki Zhao & Brian Ji

2nd Place Team ~ Ned Ji & Emily Chen

3rd Place Team ~ Terry Su & Sunnie Li

1st Place Speaker ~ Sunnie Li

2nd Place Speaker ~ Yuki Zhao

3rd Place Speaker ~ Terry Su

5th Place Speaker ~ Brian Ji

6th Place Speaker ~ Ned Ji

7th Place Speaker ~ Grace Jia

10th Place Speaker ~ Sunny Hou



Champion Team ~ Chole Zhu & Alex Chen

2nd Place Team ~ Monica Xu & Rina Song

4th Place Team ~ Joseph Mai & Ryann Lari

5th Place Team ~ Angela Hu & Sharon Yang

1st Place Speaker ~ Alex Chen

2nd Place Speaker ~ Chole Zhu

6th Place Speaker ~ Ryann Lari

7th Place Speaker ~ Angela Hu

2019: UBC Elementary School Tournament

Champion Team: Sam Yan & Frank Yan 

5th Place Team: Adam Han & Aaliyah Cabiles

8th Place Team: Jessica Xiao & Bonnie Li

12th Place Team: Livia Xia & Harryson Moon

1st Place Novice Speaker: Katherine Luo

5th Place Novice Speaker: Bonnie Li

10th Place Novice Speaker: Harryson Moon

Sam Yan & Frank Yan - UBC Elem 2019

1st Place Speaker: Sam Yan

3rd Place Speaker: Adam Han

4th Place Speaker: Frank Yan

7th Place Speaker: Max Chen

8th Place Speaker: Jessica Xiao

13th Place Speaker: Livia Xia

2019: Stanford Invitational

Champion Team ~ Yuki Zhao & Elizabeth Zhou

2nd Place Team ~ Cynthia Fung & Nick Liu

Octa Finalist ~ Caitlin Han & Alan Shen

Triple Octa Finalist ~ Sunnie Li & Ned Ji

4th Top Speaker ~ Eliz Zhou

24th Top Speaker ~ Terry Su

41st Top Speaker ~ Alan Shen

47th Top Speaker ~ Cynthia Fung

51st Top Speaker ~ Yuki Zhao

87th Top Speaker ~ Nick Liu


2019: Regionals (LMW, LMS, LMN)

Regionals — Lower Mainland North (LMN)

  • 8th place Senior speaker ~ Judy Jiang

Regionals — Lower Mainland West (LMW)

  • 3rd place Novice team ~ Vivian Xu
  • 4th place Junior team ~ Emily Ni
  • 1st place Junior speaker ~ Emily Ni
  • 8th place Novice speaker ~ Vivian Xu
  • 10th place Senior speaker ~ Elizabeth Zhou
  • 12th place Senior speaker ~ Joshua Kwok
  • 13th place Senior speaker ~ Alan Shen

Regionals — Lower Mainland South (LMS)

  • 2nd place Senior team ~ Charles Liu & partner
  • 3rd place Junior team ~ Sunnie Li & Emily Chen
  • 4th place Novice team ~ Monica Xu & Rina Song
  • 6th place Junior speaker ~ Joseph Mai
  • 6th place Senior speaker ~ Tina Yong
  • 7th place Junior speaker ~ Sunnie Li
  • 9th place Senior speaker ~ Charles Liu
  • 10th place Junior speaker ~ Emily Chen
  • 13th place Novice speaker ~ Monica Xu
  • 16th place Novice speaker ~ Rina Song

Regionals — Lower Mainland East (LME)

  • 2nd place Junior team ~ Owen Hawes
  • 6th place Junior team ~ Nick Liu
  • 10th place team ~ George Zhang
  • 3rd place Junior speaker ~ Nick Liu
  • 4th place Junior speaker ~ Owen Hawes
  • 11th place speaker 10th place team (did not break, but is an alternate) ~ George Zhang
  • 12th place speaker at LME, 5th place team, breaking to provincials ~ Dylan Su
  • 14th place speaker at LME, 8th place team, breaking to provincials ~ Ricky Wen

2018: Puget Sound University

Quarter-finalists in the Open Public Forum division (59 teams) ~ Caitlin Han & Nick Liu

5th top speaker (out of 118 speakers) ~ Caitlin Han

Copy of 20180106_174550_HDR

2018: UBC Fall High School Debate Tournament


Champion ~ Tina Yong
Finalist ~ Ellen Li

2018: UBC Summer High School Debate Tournament


Finalist Team ~ Ned Ji & Josh Kwok

Semi-Finalist Team ~ Emily Ni & Judy Jiang



5th Top Speaker ~ Judy Jiang
6th Top Speaker ~ Emily Ni
7th Top Speaker ~ Ellen Li

2018: UBC Spring Elementary School Debate Tournament


Semi-Finalist Team ~ James Wong & Harryson Moon

5th Top Speaker ~ Owen Chen

UBC2018 Spring Elem Tournament.


Semi-Finalist Team ~ Jessica Xiao & Livia Xia 

7th Top Speaker ~ Jessica Xiao 

13th Top Speaker ~ Livia Xia

2018: SFU Spring High School Debate Tournament


4th Top Speaker ~ Cheryl Chen


Champion Team ~ Emily Ni & Partner

Top Speaker ~ Victor Tong
6th Top Speaker ~ Emily Ni
7th Top Speaker ~ Judy Jiang
8th Top Speaker ~ Ellen Li
9th Top Speaker ~ Yuki Zhao

ubc spring 2018


Finalist Team ~ Jenny Mei & Tracie Zhu
Finalist Team ~ Bobby Qiao & Partner

Top Speaker ~ Gabrielle Wong
3rd Top Speaker ~ Jenny Mei
5th Top Speaker ~ Bobby Qiao
7th Top Speaker ~ Tracie Zhu

2018: UBC Spring High School Debate Tournament


9th Top Speaker ~ Cheryl Chen


Champion Team ~ Joanna Chen & Yuki Zhao

6th Top Speaker ~ Tina Yong

Ch Team UBC Spring 2018

2018: Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament


Octa-Finalist ~ Abbie Wang
Octa-Finalist ~ Emily Ni

Double Octa-Finalist ~ Elizabeth Zhou
Double Octa-Finalist ~ Ellen Li
Double Octa-Finalist ~ Joanna Chen
Double Octa-Finalist ~ Tina Yong


Double Octa-Finalist ~ Victor Chen
Double Octa-Finalist ~ Yuki Zhao

Triple Octa-Finalist ~ Alan Shen
Triple Octa-Finalist ~ Tom Chen

9th Top Speaker ~ Ellen Li
23rd Top Speaker ~ Alan Shen

2018: Harvard National Forensics Debate Tournament


International Octa-Finalist ~ Elizabeth Zhou
International Octa-Finalist ~ Stephanie Chang

Triple Octa-Finalist ~ Alan Shen
Triple Octa-Finalist ~ Charles Liu

Harvard Tournament 2018

Triple Octa-Finalist ~ Tom Chen
Triple Octa-Finalist ~ Victor Tong

4th Top Speaker ~ Charles Liu
12th Top Speaker ~ Tom Chen

2018: BC Debate Provincials


Champion Team ~ Cheryl Chen & Stuti Sharma

2nd Top Speaker ~ Cheryl Chen
3rd Top Speaker ~ Stuti Sharma


3rd Place Team ~ Gabrielle Wong & Rebecca Amisano
8th Place Team ~ Judy Jiang 

6th Top Speaker ~ Gabrielle Wong
12th Top Speaker ~ Rebecca Amisano
13th Top Speaker ~ Alan Shen
16th Top Speaker ~ Maja Grandinetti 
20th Top Speaker ~ Judy Jiang

2018: Lower Mainland West (LMW) Regionals


4th Place Team ~ Judy Jiang & Partner
7th Place Team ~ Alan Shen & Tom Chen

9th Top Speaker ~ Ellen Li
13th Top Speaker ~ Judy Jiang
16th Top Speaker ~ Tom Chen

2018: Lower Mainland Central (LMC) Regionals


8th Top Speaker ~ Yuki Zhao

2018: Lower Mainland East (LME) Regionals


3rd Place Team ~ Cheryl Chen & Stuti Sharma

5th Top Speaker ~ Stuti Sharma
6th Top Speaker ~ Cheryl Chen


6th Top Speaker ~ Sunny Hou
8th Top Speaker ~ Rebecca Amisano
9th Top Speaker ~ Sunnie Li


2nd Place Team ~ Charles Liu & Peter Jiang

7th Top Speaker ~ Charles Liu
11th Top Speaker ~ Jenny Mei

2018: Fraser Heights Invitational


1st Place Speaker ~ Stephanie Chang
3rd Top Speaker ~ Alen Shen


5th Top Speaker ~ Yuki Zhao

2018: Yorkson Creek Novice Invitational (Elementary School)


7th Place Team ~ Jessica Xiao & Ken Sun

8th Top Speaker ~ Sharon Yang

3rd Top Speaker (Grades 5 & Under) ~ Jessica Xiao

2018: Puget Sound High School Debate Tournament


Quarter-Finalist ~ Rebecca Amisano
Quarter-Finalist ~ Gabrielle Wong

Double Octa-Finalist ~ Ellen Li
Double Octa-Finalist ~ Victor Tong

2017: UBC Fall High School Debate Tournament


Champion Team ~ Ellen Li

9th Top Speaker ~ Josh Harris

2017: UBC Summer High School Debate Tournament


Finalist ~ Rebecca Amisano


Finalist  ~ Charles Liu
Finalist ~ Tom Chen

Semi-Finalist ~ Nick Young
Semi-Finalist ~ Stephanie Chang

9th Top Speaker ~ Nick Young

2017: Chinese National Debate Championships


5th Top Speaker  ~ Charles Liu
24th Top Speaker ~ Elizabeth Zhou

2017: Pacific Debate Championships


7th Top Speaker  ~ Ellen Li

2017: UBC Spring High School Debate Tournament


Champion Team  ~ Gabrielle Wong & Rebecca Amisano

Top Speaker ~ Gabrielle Wong
4th Top Speaker ~ Rebecca Amisano
7th Top Speaker ~ Ellen Li

2017: Harvard National Forensics Debate Tournament


Triple Octa-Finalist  ~ Abbie Wang
Triple Octa-Finalist ~ Ellen Li

14th Top Speaker ~ Ellen Li

2017: Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament


Double Octa-Finalist  ~ Alan Shen
Double Octa-Finalist ~ Tom Chen

2016: UBC Fall High School Debate Tournament


6th Top Speaker  ~ Bobby Qiao
9th Top Speaker ~ Ellen Li